English for the Eager Learners


Print Length: 358 pages (including 2CDs)
Publisher: Maria Company (January 6, 2014)
Publication Date: January 6, 2014
Language: English




English for the Eager Learners

Ira P. Boone (Author)

This book will benefit readers in three ways: 1. to know the methods of studying the language, 2. to understand the reasons behind the rules, 3. to get the really current, complete and up-dated information about modern English grammar and writing. There are 29 tutorial videos to help readers understand the lessons. Every lesson will deliver some valuable hidden knowledge to the learners, who will find themselves turning much brighter in a short time.

About the Author

At the beginning, as anybody else in the journey of English learning, Ira Boone felt the more he learned, the more he was confused with seemingly contradictory information. But, as luck would have it, he in the end uncovered the ultimate secrets of learning the language in a complete whole after more than 60 years of studying the language. The author has read countless grammar books, old and modern, and come to the conclusion that they all have done only half of their job by just explaining the 8 parts of speech as well as listing out the rules of the language. And these, in reality, mean not much to the students. Now, the author in his book “English for the Eager Learners” has completed the job with other more important half of the work of guiding the students to learn, training them to think and develop their memory, and particularly letting them understand the reasons behind the grammatical rules.


1 review for English for the Eager Learners

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    By Diane Walters on May 15, 2014 I have a confession to make . . . I am a grammar book addict. I think, in part, that if I have enough of these little gems on my shelf that somehow, by osmosis, I will become wise and wonderful. I’d have to say that 98 percent of these are set up all the same. There are two that are different from any that I’ve seen. This is one of the two. It is colorful, engaging, and visual. These are the first adjectives that come to mind when opening this book. The author uses every concept of learning to grab your attention. The very first message is--Relax. He continues, “Do you feel relaxed enough to read? If not, please close the book and relax a while!” From this point on . . . hang on to your hats because this isn’t your grandmother’s grammar book! Traditional grammar books tell you the rules, give a few examples, and let you wing it the rest of the way. In this method of teaching, most people are asleep by middle of chapter one. That has been my problem. I’ve been trying to learn this stuff for twenty years! It’s about as exciting as watching grass grow; I never manage to get past the eight parts of speech before giving up. Boone’s method of teaching is anything but boring. For example, in the first chapter — nouns, he explains what a noun is, then explains the two categories, and the four subcategories for common nouns. We learn why it is important to know this classification. Classification shows us when to use articles, different verb forms, and adjectives. Nouns change form in different sentences. Nouns change meaning when singular or plural. Nouns can show possession. Actually, this first chapter covers most everything you could think of about how nouns function in our language. The information is presented in a fun and colorful way. I’ve had other things to do and will be busy for a bit longer, but when I can get back to studying, this will be my first “go-to” book. I love it.


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