School Licensing

Running a Private Education Business in Hong Kong


If you wish to set up a private school in Hong Kong, you will have to obtain a the Certificate of Registration from the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.

And before receiving a Certificate of Registration for your School, you will have to go through the following steps too:

  • Company registration;
  • Rent / Buy a school premise
  • Get through Town Planning Board;
  • Get through Land Registry;
  • Get through Fire Services Department;
  • Get through Buildings Department;
  • Get through Health Department

As usual , incomplete or incorrect submission may result in delayed processing or failure in obtaining the school license. From our experience, finding the right place to start your school could take months too. Therefore, it is highly recommended that educators / organizations / investors engage professional services from us to save time and resources.


School site selection:

School Site Selection 02

School Site Selection 03

School layout planning:

school layout planning

School application:


School registered: